About us and our projects


PRAD-media is an independent media company based in Moscow.

We shoot films and cartoons and prefer genres: comedy, adventure, spy detectives, science fiction, mysticism, family, children.

And we have our own state-licensed online media, so we shoot documentaries, reports, interviews and advertisements.

We are looking for funding for our projects and invite partners for the co-production of films and cartoons.

We invite buyers of rights to our cartoons and films, investors, sponsors, advertisers for product placement and buyers of licenses to use characters to promote goods and services.

Our projects:

I. Animation:

Sunbeam & Ladybug, Animated, series, Genre, animation, comedy, adventure, learning, elements, children, family

Sunbeam & Ladybug. Animated series. Genre: animation, comedy, adventure with learning elements, children, family.


1) Sunbeam & Ladybug

Kids Sunbeam and Ladybug want to fly into the sky, but Ladybug still can't fly. They are looking for friends who could teach Ladybug to fly, but they find out that their meadow can be destroyed. Kids are saving their little country.

Animated series, 16×6.5′, the first episode is ready.

Genre: animation, comedy, adventure with learning elements, children, family, age 0+.

This cartoon is liked by both children and adults. The series can be expanded to 26 episodes and several seasons. Additionally, we can make a full length animated film from this series.

Under the auspices of Roskino The first episode of the project this summer visited the film markets: Key Bayers Event (Moscow), Marche du Film (Cannes), and is also presented at TIFF (Toronto). I presented it myself at the SIFF / STVF film market (Shanghai). The film market plans: World Content Market (Moscow) and AFM (USA).

2) Blah-blah-din and the vessel of immortality (working title).

Аnimated feature film (a version of the series is possible), modern fairy tale. Pre-production. We are planning filming in two countries.

Genre: animation, comedy, adventure with learning elements, children, family, age 0+.

II. Full-length movies:

System x, comedy, film, serias, poster, Genre, comedy, spy detective, fantastic, adventure, family

System X. Genre: Comedy, spy detective, fantastic, adventure, family.

1) System X

A Russian engineer develops the latest weapon and disguises it as a vacuum cleaner. The CIA chief is afraid that the engineer will suck America, and sends him the best agents and his son on an internship. The young spy has no idea who this terrible engineer really is.

Genre: Comedy, spy detective, fantastic, adventure, family, age 12+

90 minutes, post-production stage.

Under the auspices of Roskino, the first teaser this summer visited the film markets: Key Bayers Event (Moscow), Marche du Film (Cannes), and is also presented at TIFF (Toronto). Plans: World Content Market (Moscow) and AFM (USA).

Pre-production sequel and triquel:

System X. Ice Age.

System X. Contagion.

There is no blood, death or sex in this comedy series, and the fights are comical, so the whole family can watch the film. Each hero has his own truth, which he defends. In this series, the intelligence services of different countries will unite to save humanity from a common threat. We are planning to shoot the film in three countries.

Production start:

lumberjacks, comedy, adventure, adv, offer, Genre, сomedy, adventure, family, age, 12+

Lumberjacks. Genre: сomedy, adventure, family.

2) Lumberjacks

When the raider began to take away the business from a lumberjack, he did not even suspect that his main enemy would be the lumberjack's love for the beautiful wasteful woman whom the raider himself had sent to the lumberjack to ruin him.

The lumberjack dreams of building a palace for his beloved woman and goes to the designer for equipment. But the designer does not want to part with his equipment without payment. In addition, it turns out that the lumberjack's ex-wife left for this designer.

Genre: сomedy, adventure, family, age 12+

Full-length feature film. 90 minutes.    Serial format is possible. Now we are shooting the first preliminary scenes of the film.

According to the script, the comedy should be filmed in two countries. We will shoot this film in Russia and Finland or Canada. We are looking for funding for this project and also looking for a co-production partner. We will be filming this film where we are lucky enough to get funding.

According to the plot of the comedy, lumberjacks from Siberia are negotiating with a Finnish or Canadian manufacturer of equipment for the timber industry. In our film, we can advertise a manufacturer or seller of equipment or tools for the forestry industry.

Also, scripts for the sequel and triquel of the film have already been written.

III. Serials:

1) Pink stone

The series is a mystical detective thriller, the script of the first series was written.

2) We don’t care about politics (working title).

Web series, comedy, spy detective, scripts of several episodes.

We have two online media:


If you sell goods in Russia, we can help you with our advertising opportunities

Producer Leonid Belyaev: prad@prad-media.ru

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3 comments to “About us and our projects”
3 comments to “About us and our projects”
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