Investment proposal for film and animation production


PRAD Media is an independent film and animation producer. We invite investors for co-production of films and animation.

Investors will get their investment back plus 20% of the first money. They then split the proceeds forever based on their 50% share of the film’s investors. This offer is valid only in the early stages of projects.

Our projects:

1. Sunbeam & Ladybug

Animated series Sunbeam & Ladybug. The first episode is ready (6.5 minutes). A script for 16 episodes has been written. We invite investors to continue the production of the animated series.

In Russia, we can provide high-quality and cheap production of animation and sound. The cartoon is voiced by famous Russian actors.

The Russian government supports animation projects because Russian animation generates the largest content export revenues. Therefore, if we set up the serial production of the cartoon, we have a chance to receive irrevocable government support in the amount of 100% of the production budget, as well as support for promoting the cartoon on local screens and foreign markets.

To adapt the cartoon to foreign markets, we will involve foreign partners and their local native speakers. The cost of working with sound for overseas markets depends on the cast.

The cost of producing one episode of this cartoon in Russia is only $ 200,000. This is 6.5 minutes of high-quality time-lapse 2D animation and sound design, as well as the cost of acquiring intellectual property rights and regular advertising and marketing promotion of the animated series. The cost of production for a season of the animated series of 16 episodes is $ 3,200,000.

The above cost does not include the cost of adaptation and targeted promotion of the cartoon to specific foreign markets.

The cost of adapting a cartoon for foreign markets depends on the cost of the cast and the creative team. Perhaps this part of the costs can be partially or fully covered by partners who will distribute the animated series in their territories.

We will also engage local distributors to carry out advertising and marketing campaigns in these markets. The cost of promoting to certain foreign markets depends on local conditions.

We invite an investor who can partially or fully finance the production of the animated series at the initial stage of the project.

We offer the investor a part of the profit that we will receive from the screenings of the cartoon and from the sale of the rights to use the character images. We are ready to discuss all the conditions. We can also sell the rights to manufacture this series anywhere in the world. If necessary, we will provide creative support or creative control.

We have a chance to receive government support and foreign companies are interested in the series, which can also invest in the project, therefore, partial funding from investors is possible.

Animated series Sunbeam & Ladybug

2. System X

System X is a comedy of the absurd, a sci-fi spy detective. We are planning to shoot a series.

The first episode is in the post-production stage. It’s a low-budget, full-length comedy with lots of animation. This comedy is fun to watch. System X is uplifting. Viewers take the characters’ words for personal use. Based on this comedy, we can create an endless series and computer game.

The budget for the first episode of the comedy is no more than 500 thousand dollars. However, despite the small budget, the film turned out to be interesting. The film has a lot of animation, a lot of locations and music, as well as several actors recognizable in Russia. With such a small budget, the film should pay off quickly.

We originally planned to shoot a comedy series to create a YouTube channel and earn money from advertising and product placement. But in the process of filming, we realized that the film turned out to be good and could be offered to online platforms and TV channels. We have plans to shoot an endless System X series with foreign studios and actors.

We will sell the rights to show the movie to online platforms and TV channels, and later we will cut 90-minute films into short 3-5 minute episodes and turn them into a web series to make money from advertising and product placement. This series will become the basis for creating your own online cinema.

To finish post-production of the first episode and voice it in Russian and English we need $ 150,000. We are looking for investors who will invest any amount in this film. With an investment of 500 thousand dollars, the investor will receive a return on the first income and 20% of the profit, and after that 50% of the film’s income forever.

We are also ready to sell all rights to the first episode of the film in order to start filming the next episode with the money received.

The comedy System X is getting ready for release in 2021.

3. Lumberjacks

Full-length adventure comedy Lumberjacks. We are planning to shoot a series. Start of production. Now we are filming a teaser. The planned budget of the film is up to $ 1-3 million.

We plan that half of the film will be filmed in the investor’s country.

We can also finance the production of comedy films using product placement funds for companies selling goods in Russia.

For example, for the comedy Lumberjacks there are European companies that are now successfully selling equipment for the Russian timber industry. These are wealthy companies from Finland, Canada, Italy and other countries. They have competition and may be interested in advertising. We can shoot half of the film on the territory of these enterprises and, thus, we will organically integrate their advertising into the film. And I will make everyone who works in the forestry sector see the film Lumberjacks.

If we receive funding from investors at the start of the production of this film, there is a chance to receive support from the state fund up to 70%.

Lumberjacks comedy. Cooperation offer.

And there are also other interesting projects that we can do in the process of cooperation:


For cooperation, please contact here:


Best regards, Leonid
Film and animation director, screenwriter and producer

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5 comments to “Investment proposal for film and animation production”
5 comments to “Investment proposal for film and animation production”
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