Animated series Sunbeam & Ladybug

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Animated series Sunbeam & Ladybug invites buyers of animated content, investors, sponsors and buyers of licenses to use cartoon characters to stimulate sales of goods and services.

Genre: comedy and adventure with learning elements, kids and family, 0+.

TAGLINE:  Kids save the world.
LOGLINE: Kids Sunbeam and Ladybug want to fly into the sky, but Ladybug still can't fly. They are looking for friends who could teach Ladybug to fly, but they find out that their meadow can be destroyed. Kids are saving their little country.
LOGLINES of parts: 

Part 1: Sunbeam and Ladybug want to fly into the sky. They are looking for friends who could teach Ladybug to fly and meet with a lonely Beetle.

Part 2: Beetle launches Ladybug in the sky in an unusual way, but this method does not help Ladybug.

Part 3: Beetle introduces the children to small insects that live under his sofa.

To be continued.

The first part is ready. The second part – work in progress.

We plan to shoot 26 episodes of 6.5 minutes each. UHD/FHD. 25fps. Color. Aspect Ratio: 16: 9. Sound mix: stereo.

In the first season of the animated series, anthropomorphic and positive characters Sunbeam and Ladybug save their small world from destruction.

The animated series Sunbeam & Ladybug will be interesting to children (0+), as well as their parents. There are educational scenes about nature in this series.

The studio invites investors to the production of the series.

As said showrunner of series Leonid Beliaev: We wanted to make an interesting and funny cartoon for children 4-6 years old. But it turned out that this cartoon is liked by both children and adults. Spectators of any age enjoy watching this cartoon several times in a row.

Under the auspices of Roskino The first episode of the project this summer visited the film markets: Key Bayers Event (Moscow), Marche du Film (Cannes), and is also presented at TIFF (Toronto). I presented it myself at the SIFF / STVF film market (Shanghai). The film market plans: World Content Market (Moscow) and AFM (USA). The second episode is in production.

We plan to shoot the animated series 26 episodes of 6.5 minutes each. 2D. UHD / FHD. 25fps. Color Aspect Ratio: 16: 9. Sound mix: stereo. The main language is Russian. Support for other languages.

Cartoon is liked by people of any nationality and any age, so we plan to show the cartoon around the world, as well as the sale of licenses for the use of characters to stimulate sales of goods and services.

For this cartoon, state support in Russia is possible. Therefore, we are looking for an investor who can make financing at the start of the project.

The cost of producing one episode of 2D animation in Russia is only $ 100,000 – 200,000, depending on the type of animation. This is significantly cheaper than producing a cartoon in any other country. And at the same time we get a creative cartoon of high quality. 50% of Russian cartoons are bought by foreign buyers.

To promote a cartoon to foreign markets, we need a budget for adapting the cartoon for distribution in other countries and for advertising and marketing expenses.

We can get government support, but for this we need the participation of an investor.

If you are interested in working with us as an investor or to buy premiere rights or merchandising licenses, please let us know.

Selling rights to the script and to the production of the series at this stage is also possible.

In addition, we have another film and animation projects for which we are looking for investors and sponsors. We are ready to discuss cooperation options.

Sunbeam – Maxim Bitko
Ladybag – Alisa Efimenko
Beetle – Yury Vnukov

Author and director: Leonid Belyaev.
Chief Animation Artist: Sergey Ivanov.
Producers: Leonid Belyaev and Afatdin Safarov.

Contacts:  Russia. Moscow


Лучик и Букашечка, Sunbeam & Ladybug

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5 comments to “Animated series Sunbeam & Ladybug”
5 comments to “Animated series Sunbeam & Ladybug”
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