We invite advertisers to the comedy System X. Ice Age.

Кинокомедия, Система Х, Игорь, Гаспарян, comedy, System X, comedy System X, taxi driver, Igor Gasparyan

The satirical comedy System X – taxi driver – Igor Gasparyan

We shot the comedy film System X. We are looking for partners to distribute System X and investors and sponsors for new films. We invite advertisers to the comedy System X. Ice Age.

Tagline: You never know who is next to you

Coming soon:  The satirical comedy System X.:

The Russian scientist nicknamed Pofigist* invented a terrible weapon teleport and disguised it as a vacuum cleaner. The head of the CIA fears that the Pofigist will suck up America and send to the scientist the best agents and his son, so that his son will make an easy career in the CIA with the help of the best agents. The young spy does not expect that the terrible Pofigist is his real father.

*Pofigist – means Сarefree, Nihilist, Naughty man

Our plans: The satirical comedy System X. Ice Age:

The Russian scientist nicknamed Pofigist is developing a super refrigerator, because of which it has become unbearably hot in Russia, and in America it’s unbearably cold. The CIA chief lamented about the loss of his son and the failure of the best agents in Russia. To wrest his son from the clutches of the terrible Pofigist, he personally goes to Russia together with the best CIA agents. A spy war begins, which can lead to the death of mankind. The threat of the destruction of the planet forces the opponents to unite. Chief of the CIA, lieutenant colonel of the FSB and Pofigist together save the world from destruction.

Genre of comedy System X:

satirical comedy, espionage detective, science fiction, modern fairy tale for adults 12+.

Technical Specs of comedy System X:

Runtime: 90 min (original). Color. Full HD. Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9. Sound Mix: Stereo.

comedy System X, System X, film, comedy, Система Х, Пофигист, Шила, Виталий Кабанов, Ольга Ермолаева

The satirical comedy System X – Pofigist and Shila – Vitaliy Kabanov and Olga Ermolaeva

Sistem-X, film, comedy, Сатирическая, кинокомедия, научно, фантастический, шпионский, детектив, Система-Х

Сатирическая кинокомедия, научно-фантастический шпионский детектив “Система-Х”

Coming soon: Comedy System-X


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