An offer for investors, sponsors and advertisers to participate in the production of comedies

We offer to Investors, sponsors and advertisers to take part in the production of comedies Loggers and System-X.

The Advantages of shooting in Russia:
1) To make a film several times cheaper.
2) Here you can start a career in the cinema, having little money and your foreign passport.
3) Beneficial for product placement of goods that will sell in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
4) You will plunge into the atmosphere of the real Russia.
5) And the most important: there are some interesting ideas for movies.

We are looking for investors, sponsors and advertisers, who would invest in films from $0.5 to 3 million

And we are looking for partners for product placement.

We can do product placement in Comedy Loggers for a Bank, a timber company, a designer and manufacturer of forestry equipment, chainsaw, timber truck, offroader and other equipment for forestry workers. Who will finance this comedy, he will win the Russian timber market.

We can do product placement in the Comedy the System-X for any goods. For example, lemonade. A young spy gets super mind when drinking lemonade. Or he has an unusual telephone, which is not yet on sale.

I will be grateful to you for your cooperation.

Aladdin (working title)

The student falls into the hands of a strange vessel and he falls into another world in which an evil spirit leads him to take his soul. But he meets a girl who saves him.

3D animation. 90` Budget $10000000

SYNOPSIS Comedy System — X

The young American spy sent to Russia with the task to get the latest secret weapon.

He does not expect that everything will change on its head and he will have a difficult choice. A scientist-developer of mysterious weapons would be his own father and his new russian friends would be cunning enemies.

A brief summary of the content of Comedy System-Х.

It is a spy detective Comedy about a young American spy ZAGS. His name is consonant with the registry office. The CIA sends Zags with the task to Russia to get the latest secret weapon Nothingtor.

Zags arrives in Moscow and recruits scientist Ivanovich, his friend Robert and taxi drivers. Agents are carrying Zags to the developer Nothingtor. In fact it turns out that Ivanovich is this the developer.

Ivanych sends Zags using Nothingtor in the icy wilderness and returns back. Zags dumbfounded.

Ivanovic suddenly learns that the Zags as his own son. Zags was stolen by international terrorists to blackmail when he was a child. Zags shocked and went over to the Russian.

And it turns out that the driver and Robert are American spies. They want to kill the traitor Zags and take Nothingtor. Ivanych sends a taxi driver into the TV accidentally using Nothingtor.

Robert removes his mask. From under the mask appears gorgeous Blond that comes to Ivanovitch, trying to take away his Nothingtor. The struggle begins Ivanovitch and Blonde.

Blonde accidentally presses the button and finds himself in the basement of plumbing Borisych, who developed a more powerful weapon. He joined Nothingtor with plunger. Blonde trying to take the plunger-Nothingtor.

At this time Ivanych detects that the driver disappeared from the TV. Ivanych and Zags find the taxi driver at the Ostankino tower. The taxi driver in the suit of Batman delivers hands signals in America.

Ivanych calls for help plumbing Borisych. Borisych sucks Blonde plunger as a vacuum cleaner. And then pulls with a tower and a taxi driver. Stunned taxi driver and a Blonde got to Washington.

Officers of the CIA out of the ambush and arrest the Blonde and the taxi driver. They are international terrorists, who wanted to take over the world by using Nothingtor. Happy presidents of America and Russia solemnly awarded Zags.

(all rights reserved)

SYNOPSIS Comedy Loggers.

Mighty Siberian raider holds a portion of the logger`s forest.

He does not realize that his main enemy is the logger`s love to the spy girl that he had sent to the logger .

A brief summary of the content of Comedy Loggers.

Lumberjack loses everything. But instead of go on a binge, he suddenly stops drinking and falls in love with the spy girl.

There was too much free time. But where to put the time? Sawyer is forced to work .
Lumberjack learns about the unique machine. The genius designed this machine and fled to Finland.

He is hiding from the Nobel Prize. Lumberjack look for genius. Feller wants to build a fabulous city in the forest for his girlfriend. For this he needs the equipment. Lumberjack requests from local banks money. Banks do not trust the former alcoholic.

Woodsman comes to Finland without of money and begins the long negotiations with the genius. Genius does not want to sell anything and to delay the negotiations. He hopes that the logger's run out of money and he leaves.

Lumberjack hungry. He met with the mayor of a small town. Woodcutter and the mayor of the town make the holidays of Russian food. 

The genius sees the lumberjack has survived. He wants to get rid of the woodcutter and agrees to sell the equipment on any terms.

Suddenly appears Rader and says that lumberjack no money. The genius in shock. But the woodcutter stubbornly continuing negotiations.

The genius signs a contract to get rid of a woodcutter at any cost. The mayor staged lavish send-off for a woodcutter.

When the woodcutter started leaving, everyone feels relieved. The genius confesses that he has signed a bogus contract.

I wrote a comedy Loggers based on a true story And added mad fiction.

The real story took place in Siberia, Moscow, Germany and Canada.

I wrote the script for Finland to reduce the budget of the film.

I'm looking for funding and co-operation in Finland, Germany, Canada or another country. I'll rewrite the script if required.

For this script I received the certificate of the National Film at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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